Mesh downloaded and converted to .fbx is all white

I got this mesh here: http://www.blendswap./blends/view/73277 extracted it with blender to .fbx and it, a long with all the materials are white. What do i do?

So just to be clear, this file came with all the materials that are the picture? Wood floor etc?

Hi again, editing my post with an update. So i went onto blendswap and grabbed the download so i could understand whats going on here. There is no easy way to say this but there is a lot of work you will need to do to get this to work in unreal. This scene is setup for rendering a CG image in blender. Pretty much all you have here is some models but the uvs all need to be prepared for use in a game engine, not a image renderer. You will need to make all the texture maps and set it up in the material editor. Thats why they import white, but if you dont edit the uvs, you will get some very funky results, they are all outside of the 0,1 space and none have any seams.

Thank you for your reply! I was told all i have to do is just import it and then export it… if you do not mind, could you export a few things properly for me? It would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for your time!

Hey there. Sorry I’ve been absent. My computer crashed and burned out the video card. So I am replying by phone. What you should do is take each object one at a time and adjust the uvs back into the 0,1 space and export. In blender you can load up the textures in the uv editor one at a time and save those as PNG files then import those to unreal and build a basic material out of them. This doesn’t really go through the whole workflow of build an environment though. You need to learn how to make normal, AO and diffuse maps. Then how to light it in unreal. There are hundreds of tutorials for blender and unreal on YouTube. Have fun.

Generally, the best workflow is to set up and apply your material to your mesh after you import it into Unreal. Trying to import the material along with the mesh automatically usually is not worth it. Much better to use Unreal’s material system to set up your material by hand.

Hey man, its all fine. Im sorry to hear about that! Anyway, thank you for the help c:

I see. Thank you!