Mesh does not move

Hey there i have been trying to make a rock moving from downward to upward but it does not even move can anyone tell me how to do it?

i took the rock inside a BP and it is a single static mesh

Is the rock a single static mesh in the world or a component of a BP?

For linearly moving the entire actor, 100 units upwards, in 2 seconds:

The timeline:

To move only the static mesh component, you can either use the same procedure above but with GetWorldLocation and SetWorldLocation of the static mesh, or you can simply use MoveComponentTo:

thanks dude

but the blueprint still does not help the rock pop up

pop up???

I want my rock to move up from below the deafaultsceneroot i arranged my blueprint according to above image but when i start the preview the rock does not move up it stays below the ground.
Can you find a correct way of doing it with steps

There is no need for Lerp. Just use the vector add node, with the relative coordinates of the final position.

Also, those relative values (19,-9,-3) represent a very small deslocation.

In unreal, 100 units is 1 meter. The default manequim is around 190 units tall.

I just change the z axis to the required position which is what i want but i would like to know what should be the location

I just change the z axis

? and the lerp node?

i would like to know what should be the location

That I can’t say. How far do you want to move the rock up?

Just overlap the players height

maybe there should be a way to do it cause this does not even move it slightly

Put a pic of the bp, including the components hierarchy.

does move up event include something

No, it’s just a custom event. You can remove it and connect BeginPlay directly to MoveComponentTo.