Mesh Disappears On Import from Motionbuilder

Hey all,

Having some troubles getting a skeletal mesh imported into UE4 from Motionbuilder as a FBX. Usually I have no troubles but on this specific import the spikes in my mesh (see image) disappear. Everything looks great in MB and Maya but in UE4 they disappear. I’m not sure what the problem is. Exporting from Maya as a static mesh doesn’t make the spikes disappear. I’m kind of at a loss here and pretty frustrated.

Thanks for any help.

It’s happening again to me now. I don’t understand what is going on. All my previous characters were fine but now I’m missing pieces of the character everytime. :frowning:

Linking my FBX: Everything is fine in Motionbuilder and Maya but parts are missing on import into UE4.

Would love someone to solve this for me.