Mesh Disappear On Import

Hey all,

Having this problem where part of my mesh disappears when I import into UE4. Things look great in Maya and Motionbuilder but half the mesh is missing in UE4.

Can anyone take a look at my FBX and solve this riddle? FBX LINK: ://

I havent watched your fbx file (with my i-net it takes a little while to download it ^^), but are those missing parts made out of planes? When yes make the “solid” or enable “two sided” in the material :slight_smile:

Thanks . They are not planes, just thin polygons. I originally thought it was a reversed normals problem but the spikes show up when importing as a static mesh. Importing as a skeletal mesh, as I need to, seems to make them disappear.

Did you make sure all of those spikes are skinned to the bones etc?

The back piece is skinned to the bones and the spikes are parented to the back piece. I figured they would come along for the ride as children. Is this what’s tricking me up?

Did you ever solve this?