Mesh disapears when close with "Set Master Pose Component"

Hi there,

So i made a skeletal mesh with swappable mesh using the “Set Master Pose Component” and all added meshes will follow the animation of the master but when i get closer (like 2 meters away) the added meshes just disapears. The master is still there and rendering just fine.

Anyone knows how to not have the slaved meshes disapear when approaching the mesh?


Well it seems like the problem fixed itself. Maybe when i reimported the animation or restarted the engine.

Gotta check the box “Use Attach Parent Bound” for that mesh in your blueprint or use a setter function of a similar name.

Turns out you need to change the property “Use Attach Parent Bound” to true either in the mesh’s properties in your blueprint or with a function with a similar name.

i’m having the same problem randomly, anyone knows why it is happening ?

yes it works! thanks

Thank you! this fixed it

I have this same issue, and setting “Use Attach Parent Bound” does not work for me. If anything checking that option only makes it worse. Using that option also causes the child objects shadows to be cut off where the parent object shadow stops. Anyone else have any info on this?

Looks like I have found a fix to this on another thread. It was not happening without using the master post component and animation however this seems to work;

In the mesh details window increase the “bounds scale” option. Smaller objects needed a larger scale than smaller objects.