Mesh destructible techniques in UE4

Hello everyone.
I am TechArt in one Ukrainian gamedev company (you maybe hear about Metro), so we develop new shooter-title using UE4, and we have some destructible objects in the world. But I found few problems with ours ideas…

  • NVIDIA APEX - will be cut in the future from UE4. On the top of the - APEX | Unreal Engine Documentation - you can found interesting line - “This feature has been Deprecated and should no longer be used” and “Features that have been Deprecated are no longer supported and may be removed at any time. These are sometimes, but not always, replaced by newer features or systems. Please update your projects accordingly.” So we cant use it, because in one “perfect day” we will found that APEX cutted and perfect day turned in sad day for us. And we cannot be sure that the plugin will not be cut out in a year, and we will have to look for a solution to this problem. So we decided do not use APEX at all. *Our programmers told me that they have a lot of tasks/problems, and they don’t want to solve APEX problem in the future (near or far future)
  • NVIDIA Flux - cut before… sad news…
  • Chaos - powerful technology but still with a lot of bugs (in my opinion it is copy of the APEX, just don’t tell anyone;) ). And no one knows when it will be shipped as “finish” and not “alpha/beta” version. (Chaos Physics Overview | Unreal Engine Documentation - “Learn to use this Beta feature, but use caution when shipping with it.”)

So I develop my own techniques without Apex and Chaos… but for one person it is so hard sometimes.
Maybe someone know true information about APEX?
And what mesh destructible techniques in UE4 do you use?

P.S.: I have

  1. implemented mesh destructible based on a prefractured mesh + using bones, looks interesting because each piece have “health value”
  2. in the progress realtime procedural glass destruction based on Voronoi algorithm
  3. implemented shape deformation. you shoot a wall and the plaster falls and you see a physical crater. Using parallax - looks terrible from some angles and doesn’t change shape, so the corner of the wall remains straight line from bottom to top, since vertices remain in place. This technique was developed to be applied to outside corners of pillars/buildings/metal

Hi there! Did you ever get anywhere with your realtime procedural glass destruction using voronoi? I’m trying to do something similar