Mesh data particle + Collision node bug

Hey Epic,
When using Mesh Data Particles with the collision node - the particles reach their rest state really far away from the collision surface (they float way above it). The rest state distance seems to be related to the height of the static mesh used as the particle - taller objects stop further than shorter objects (kinda looks like it’s half the height of the object). I’ve fiddled with every knob I know of and still can’t get them to rest on the collision surface. This is in 4.6 preview - but also in 4.5 and 4.4.

To reproduce this - start a new project - create a new particle system and drop it in the map - change its type data to MESH DATA - create a constant acceleration downward - add a collision node with the collision completion option set to FREEZE - change the mesh data to any static mesh you want (I showed both the SM_Lamp_Wall and SM_Door) - and watch it reach its rest state way the hell away from the ground.

I’ve attached two images that exhibit this behavior: a lamp resting very close to the ground, and a door resting far from the ground - even though nothing has changed except for which static mesh is used for the particle.

If you have any workarounds for this I would greatly appreciate it. I’m kinda in a time crunch.

Hey Chorne -

Thank you for your report. We have reproduce this issue internally and our engineers are working on a resolution to this issue, for reference UE-3853.

Thank You

Eric Ketchum