Mesh cutting in the engine? Masking static meshes (not runtime)

Would be very useful if there was a way to mask static meshes in the engine. So for example, if I have a 400x400 floor panel static mesh, but I want it to fit in a 100x100 area, I could scale it down but the mesh/textures would scale with it. Instead I’d just want to cut it off (restrict it to a certain size).

This could be done via slicing, so it’s definitely conceivable, and it wouldn’t need to be at run-time necessarily (although, I guess that would save having various duplicate static meshes).

Optimally, if it could work like a boolean operation so you could cut any mesh to any shape that would be ideal, but limiting it to a certain cubic size would be good too.

EG. You could model a bunch of debris (1000x1000 units worth), and mask individual pieces to create a variety whilst only modeling one original mesh. Similar to a spritesheet, except for meshes.

Wondering if anyone has attempted something like this (maybe via slicing?) or if it’s a possible future feature for the engine.


In this case, it would be much better to simply create material auto-adjusting to resized mesh. Cutting mesh to scale it down it sounds like an overkill to me.
Check out Super Grid asset pack on the marketplace, it does this. It’s perfect for white boxing.

That being said, Epic is working new geometry tools. It looks like they’re working hard on stabilizing the first version of it.