Mesh creation advice

hey guys !
to make this grid hole lines in this exterior wall, what’s the best approch please :

  • make them in the geometry ?
  • normal maps ?
  • tesselation ?
  • ?


good day/night .

Hey Issam! Firstly, before continuing, what will you be using this for? It really depends on what this is for so we know how optimized it needs to be, etc. Is it Archviz or for a game, etc.?

I would probably be easier to get better lightmaps using flat walls with the seams in the normal map. Geometry is also another valid option. Not really something I’d use tessellation for.

oh yes it’s for an archviz cinematic, so maximum quality nedded here .

Few tips bro for better result
My advice . Let ue4 material editor help U out do not go on making them in geometry. Just have the appropriate textures .Then create materials .

thanks bro !

much appreciated .

thanks bro !

much appreciated .

I repeat do not forget to look at a few lighting examples of how things work . Also read and study about god rays and its working