Mesh Compositing?

Hi, i’m looking around for mesh compositing.

I’ve found this Does UE4 have mesh compositing? - World Creation - Unreal Engine Forums
but my case is a little different i think.

In my game the character will have a defined body, but the player may choose additional object, like weapons or stuff, that will be attached on the body: these object won’t have anything to do wit the body movement (walk, run, jump, etc…) so i think i don’t have to use multiple skeletal meshes, but will have (as i said) to be attached on some body parts, like arms, legs, etc.

In blender3d i used to do this parenting the object to a specific bone of the skeleton: in this way the object wouldn’t have any animation, but still “following” the right part of the character body.

Also, these object may have their own animations or “actions” (like a gun on the shoulder have to shoot on command, or a still rotating antenna on the back), so must be pawns with their own blueprints.

Caming from a background oc C/C++ i’m thinking about it as a class Character with a bunch o spare variables (or better a vector) of Item/Weapon objects, initialize them with the constructor, and let the Character object can call their methods to make them do stuffs.
Is it correct to think it in this way in ue4? If yes, how can i do that? If no, how have i to work it out?

Ok, i found this video that’s actually helpful to do what i want manually: Unreal Engine 4 Tutorial: Attach to Socket (english) - YouTube