Mesh collision issue

My problem is;
i made an actor class blueprint, there is an object (simple cube) in the class with four box collisions as triggers which will make object move to x, y, -x, -y directions if overlapped it works as expected but object has to stop if there is other meshes but it doesnt object moves through the other meshes, i set collision settings “overlaponlypawn” and tried custom with the settings of only “pawn overlap” and all the others “block” but still moves through the meshes can you explain me what i do wrong?I have two versions and both same have same problem. I hope i could tell the problem and sorry for my poor english.
Have a nice day.

For a collision to Block then both objects involved have to match their collision type to the other object’s collision channels that are set to Block instead of overlap.
if one object has Blocking where it matches other objects’ channel, but the other object has overlap, it will become an overlap for both objects.

In a collison then ut has to block both objects or overlap both objects, it cant have block on one and overlap the other so if they dont match then it picks the least blocking interaction.

So make sure the objects it is colliding with are Also set to Block objects of its type and not just having it set to block objects of their type.

also make sure the meshes involved all have their simple Collison shapes set up in the mesh asset.

Thank you for your answer but it was about enabling physics

What mightyenigma said + also make sure your mesh has collision on it. In the static mesh editor → collision → add.