Mesh Clustering Placement Tool

**Marketplace product page: **Mesh Clustering Placement in Blueprints - UE Marketplace](Mesh Clustering Placement in Blueprints - UE Marketplace)

Mesh Clustering Placement tool allows automatically place meshes on the level according to specified rules. Meshes placement is executed by grouping meshes in clusters, so the result looks natural, as if done by hand. The tool can greatly increase speed of your environment design and art workflows in editor, because it provides automatic way to populate rooms, buildings, outdoor spaces with props meshes.

  • Procedurally place meshes grouped into clusters.
  • Generate interiors in one click via complicated placement rules.
  • Tool can be used for shelf/locker/table stuffing.
  • Tool uses visible meshes as colliding obstacles during meshes placement, simple collisions isn’t required.
  • Sort meshes by size and spawn large meshes first.
  • Floor\Ceiling\Wall snapping with random offsets.
  • Configurable plainness of surfaces treated as floor\ceiling\wall.
  • The meshes spawned by tool are Static Mesh Actors. The tool run neither in the realtime nor in the construction script, because it’s Editor Utility Actor, so it doesn’t exist on the level in the packed game.
  • Tool is created entirely in blueprints.

Documetation: Mesh Clustering Placement Tool - Google Docs