Mesh clipping problem

I have tried SEVERAL ways to accomplish the implementation of an ADS (aim down sights) system on a true first person player and have finally resorted to attaching a camera to a “sight” socket on my weapon then switching between the 2 cameras on aim. Now my problem is that since the camera on the weapon is so close to the weapon, the mesh clips meaning I can see through it. Obviously this is undesirable and need to remedy it. I have tried adjusting the near clipping plane in the project settings but it provides zero help.

Does anyone have any ideas as to how I fix this? There’s obviously a way to do it; the shooter game has closeup of weapon/sights during aim and there’s no issues there. I have tried deciphering the implementation of their ADS system but it was written in C++ and I’m not good enough with that yet to figure it out.

Can anyone help me with the clipping issue or provide a better solution to an ADS system? Clipping for me will need to be solved at some point regardless as seeing through any object that doesn’t have a transparent shader will be less than ideal.

Thanks for any help!

In your Config/DefaultEngine.ini, set the NearClipPlane to something like 1 or even lower, (close the editor first).

I believe the default is 20 which is way too high if you ask me.

As I said in my original post, I have already tried this and it hasn’t done any help. There was zero difference when adjusting this. Any other suggestions?

That’s not right… set it to something like 0.01 and restart the editor.

Awesome thanks. Only thing I didn’t do originally was restart the editor. Most other settings take effect immediately. I had left the setting on 0 when I shut down last night and when I logged back in to try this the world was flat and hazy. Turned setting to .01 and it worked good. Turned it to 1 and restarted and it still looks good. Thanks for the help my friend!

be careful of setting the near clip plane too low or you can get some nasty z fighting at further distances if faces are close together.