Mesh Array - Get Index / Array Element in Construction Script

Hey Guys,

currently working on a Building Blueprint for Houses . Unfortunately i´m stuck atm…

As you can see in the picture below i can generate my house with the assigned mesh. Now i want to replace the clicked mesh. The editor tells me in the log the name of the mesh, but i need the index or something similar (Every mesh is part of an array) .

Thanks in advance !

Plug a reference to the clicked actor into a Find Item](Array Nodes | Unreal Engine Documentation) node. That will return the index of the clicked actor within the array.

If you need a way to be able to click on actors in the world and return a reference to them, use a Get Hit Result Under Cursor by Channel]( node.


thanks for your reply. Actually i need this in my construction script while not running the game, that´s the big issue here. Another idea ?