Mesh animations are deformed

When looking at my animations for the mesh I have made in ue4. There are a lot of vertices that are staying in one place and that are not moving with the armature and the rest of the mesh. I also have some animations where the character has an entire limb bent back where its not supposed to be. Like in my characters walking animation; the head is bent back at a 90 degree angle. But in the modeling program that I used to animate the character. The head is moving exactly how I want it. The same goes with some vertices. Anyone out there know how to fix this?

-which 3d program do you use?
-are you sure that you have assigned all vertices to the correct weight groups? :slight_smile:

I use blender, I looked at my own 3d model to see if some vertices where not assigned to bones and I concluded they were all assigned to the bone closest to them. When I highlight bones in edit mode, the vertices assigned to them will light up and I will be told how many vertices out of the maximum are assigned to the selected bone. When I selected all the bones it was exactly 5224 out of 5224 vertices. So I would have to say that each vertice is assigned to a bone.

So, I guess no one knows?


Maybe some vertices weighted to zero at a point they need at least a minimal weight to follow the rig. A weight to 0 is already shown as assigned to a vertex group. Maybe you have some vertices weighted to a bone thats out of your focus… maybe a bit of a leg to a finger…
You possibly have weighted and exported your IK bones?
Test out the different export, import options.
Take a look to your bone rotations and maybe do some changes in the bone Translation.
Unfortunately theres a huge amount of error sources from scratch.
Head up :cool:

Have you checked out the Twitch stream linked to from this forum thread:

Yeah, I use Blender as well. You should look into using this in the future: [ADDON BLENDER] UE Tools - Community Content, Tools and Tutorials - Unreal Engine Forums. It works marvelously. It may require that you redo some of your work but there’s some kind of crazy thing going on between Blender and UE4 as far as fbx goes. You can’t make a workable UE4 Mannequin rig and sometimes the bones get rotated in strange ways in the export. Both sides are working on it but in the meantime it’s a pain. Also, make sure you triple check your bone weights anyway. It’s easy to miss something.