Mesel (PC)

Hello Unreal Forum :

My first project MESEL has been relesed on steam for 4.99$ :

About The Game


Mesel is inviting you to become the protagonist and the writer of a novel at the same time. Create your own novel with your own decisions.

Key Features :

Visions From the Past ;

The player can write their own adventure and also use the flashback feature to reveal hidden memories from the past to include in their novel.

Novel ;

Every choice the player makes and every revealed mystery is added to the novel. This way success of the novel depends on the style of the player. Depending on their game style, the player can write a novel up to up to a 100 pages.

Puzzles ;

Solve the puzzles waiting for you in the hospital to reveal more of its mysteries.

Documents ;

Mesel takes place in an abandoned hospital. That’s why all the notes, records and letters you will find are what the old inhabitants of the hospital had left behind. Moreover, most of the documents you will find are taken from real hospital records.

No Combat Included ;

There is no fighting or shooting in Mesel; meaning you won’t have to kill dozens of bots to finish the game. All you need is your intelligence, curiosity and observation ability in order to succeed. All Gölcük Childrens’ Hospital wants from you is to be discovered.

Looks scary! love the snowy outdoor environment

Saved Data

Does this game have a saved feature? I played 4 hours last night and today when i went to continue it didn’t work and the novel pages were blank. Should i be manually saving? I didn’t see any guide or instructions regarding save points. It is an awesome game & i highly recommend it, i would just like to figure out this save game issue as it s quite upsetting having to replay the 1st chapter not knowing if I will lose the data again.

Thanks for reporting.

I have never heard a bug like it before. Sorry about it. :frowning:

But i am going to find out what’s causing it and will fix it soon.

Save system works in Checkpoints. You shouldnt have to save manually. Only if you start a new game it deletes all saved content,

Thanks again ^^