Merry Christmas Epic!

Hey there epic peoples,

Just wanted to say thanks for a great year with such a great engine, and all the cool stuff it lets all of us do.

May you all have a very merry and relaxing Christmas break spending time with your families, drinking “beverages” and hatching a new batch of crazy schemes for the new year ahead :slight_smile:

Merry Christmas Unreal Engine Forums and Epic Games Forums!

Merry christmas everybody!

So you gonna watch Home Alone antology?Maculay Culkin,Alex D.Linz,Mike Weinberg and Christian Martyn.

Merry Xmash all over the world!

Merry Christmas to Jazz Jackrabbit and Wubbo Ockles.

Happy Christmas Eve, Christmas, and New Year!

Thanks for a great 12 months everyone, and here’s to another 12!

~ Jason

Merry Christmas!
Just don’t get drunk of Egg Nogg and everything should go good. :slight_smile: