Merging with follow camera and playing audio after sequencer end

Can any one offer advice either:

How to merge the cine camera in my sequence to the follow camera of the player character?
How to keep some music playing after my sequence ends?

When the sequence ends, i want to merge the cine camera with the follow camera of my character (I have it set to true FPS from a 3rd person). So far i have been positioning the follow camera as close as i can to the end position of the cine camera actor in my sequencer, but the transition isnt smooth. Is there a way to set it so as soon as the sequencer ends, the player characters location is set to the exact camera position?

For the music issue, I have seen another post where someones asked the same thing, and someone suggested setting Post-roll frames, and evaluate in post roll, but this isnt working for me. When i set the post roll frames, if, for example, the sequence ends at frame 100, and the music track carries on to frame 200, i set Post roll frames to 100, but it adds the white continuation arrows after the end of the music track

Anyone any ideas?