Merging skeletal meshes with additional bones

I’ve got a skeletal mesh with a subset of the bones that are going to be used. For example: the default skeleton only has the bones for arms, legs, spine, head, etc. However, later on the player might unlock a new cape or hairstyle, or get wings. I already know about FSkeletalMeshMerge, but the documentation says nothing about what happens when additional bones are added. Is it safe to merge skeletal meshes that add additional bones as long as they have the same animation names?


Did you ever work out if you can do this ?


No, I never did. I was able to merge meshes with the same skeleton, but they got really screwed up and had geometry sticking out everywhere once I merged more than two or three meshes, so I never even got around to trying with different skeletons. Right now I’m just using multiple skeletal mesh components and setting a master pose component, because I’m hoping with deferred shading that the extra 9 or so draw calls per character won’t matter much. The next step for me is figuring out how to use the master pose component when there’s additional physics driven hair/skirt bones. I’ve heard it doesn’t work though, so I may end up having to implement my own master pose sort of system with a custom animation instance class.