Merging object TOP and BOTTOM



I have an object (photo attached) i need to merge it with top and bottom in one scene.

i found this FAq and find really interesting, BUT when the alignment is done, my object in point cloud comes out with the base (the black circle) and all the room around. so this faq is not working at all. I need to merge them correctly, because when i try to merge my point clouds RC merging everything very cool and straight, but my object appears with bottom and top at one posstion <– WRONG.

my question is, HOW CAN I delete all unneeded points at the point cloud at two object then turn one of them upside down according to the ground plane then use Component merging as the faq says?


Or is there any quick way to do so? agisoft does it but it takes about 2 days of processing.


So my point is to create a complete object with top and the bottom.


Thanks and Regards

Hi Alikhan,

there are several threads with the very similar problems.

Bottom line is: You can’t edit the sparse pointcloud, you need to mask the images or reshoot so that the background has as little features as possible (also get the object fill more of the frame, as in zoom in a bit). Just writing this I think it has once been suggested to use high image overlap (alignment settings), so that only the features in the center of the image are used for alignment - you might give that one a try. Also control points might help.

I haven’t experimented with it yet (I think it was you who recommended this setup to me Gotz) that for the shots of the bottom, if you have a completely different background from your initial shots, Reality Capture will end up correctly aligning the top and bottom.  In the example I saw, it was using a sheet of newspaper for the background on all the shots except that the group shot for the bottom had a different sheet of newspaper. 

 The examples I saw with this were of a shoe, where it was flat on a turn table for the majority of the shot then a round or two shot with the shoe flipped on its side (not completely upside down) that way there was enough overlap between both groups of images for RC recognize.  

you are right, but it only works if you would only see the black background. you have a lot of stuff around your black background, thats why it will not work.

Sure you already know but in recents versions you can make the mask automatic with RC