Merging Multiple Textures / Materials

Maybe someone on here can help me. I am very new to Unreal and I’m still learning a lot of the basics especially importing fbx models and applying multiple textures / materials. I bought a really cool looking scifi vending machine from another site. The finished product looks awesome and would work great in my game I’m making. However I can’t find a single video anywhere that tells how to properly combine multiple textures. I have 2 base color textures that I need to combine to get my model looking the same way as the picture. One says to use a Lerp node to combine the 2 and plug them in the the base color pin. That doesn’t work. There are also no videos to show how to include height textures properly. Videos on youtube should have a disclosure that you need at least 6 months or learning Unreal to fully understand the topic they are covering.

This is the fbx model I purchased and am trying to figure out how to apply multiple textures for each layer.

If you need to blend textures, then use multiply or add node (or blend_<mode>). If you just need to display parts of different textures, then you need a lerp. Perhaps you misused it - you need to set two textures (or colors/etc. you can lerp anything) to its A and B inputs and set a mask (const/texture/color etc) for blending into alpha.

I have multiple textures that I need to blend. One is the base color texture and “detail” base color. When I try and use a Lerp node and pin them into the Base Color nothing happens. I also have height textures which I have no idea how to add them to my combined texture. When I’ve been using the Lerp nodes and connecting the 2 textures I just mentioned and apply and save the fbx 3d model doesn’t look anything like the picture. I could try and screenshot the node layout that I’ve been trying to use.

These are all the different textures that I have for the fbx model. When I just use a Lerp node and pin them to my main node with the different types of textures the new combined material is a complete mess.

Do you sure that this must be combined instead of making two materials? I see textures fot BigBody and BigDetails, mb your model has two material channels?

As HorusWM mentioned, the names of your textures indicate, that your model it made of at least two parts, the main body and then details. Double click on your vending machine mesh and check, if it has more than one element slots, to which you can apply different materials. If yes, then you just need to make two (most likely) or more materials with those different textures, and then add them to your elements. An example of a mesh with 3 elements and therefore 3 slots for different materials:

I feel like the biggest idiot on the entire planet. I’ve been wracking my brain for hours trying to combine the 2 different materials the wrong way. I have wasted a lot of time trying to use unneeded Lerp nodes and such. I do have another question though. What are the height textures for? There is no place to pin them in for either the base textures or details textures. There are 2 material slots which I dragged and dropped my 2 new different materials.

I’m also not sure how to match the picture where the upper signs seem to have an emmisive glow to them. Plus the front of the glass doesn’t have the same roughness look to it either

Heightmaps are used for POM materials or for physical relief with tessellation, I don’t think you need them here. As for the glow, you have masks with the signature _Emissive for this case. Through the lerp (or multiply/adding colors) using these masks that you can set the glow in the right places of the material. Everything you need is in docs, you just need to read it.