Merging multiple terrains


My question is about how could I merge 2 or 3 terrains together? I have googled it and found this.
And based on that I want to ask, if I make a huge terrain, will it cost on performance? How can I make a terrain or combine multiple terrains and have a normal performance? I don’t want the players to drop to 20 fps because of a huge terrain… What’s the best way to do this?

Thanks a lot in advance!

https://docs.unrealengine/latest/INT/Engine/LevelStreaming/WorldBrowser/index.html - level streaming is the easiest way if you’re worried about performance :slight_smile: basically, it makes it so when the player hits a “boundary” a new level will load and the old level will disappear (not be loaded anymore) so the performance will switch over to that level.

Im sure its seamless to!

My friend again! :smiley:
Thanks for taking the time to answer me mate! You helped me a lot!
I just wanna ask, will this apply loading screens (in the runtime - when will be played by a player) on the loading of the next level ?

Im pretty sure theres a way you can do it without loading screens… I’ve never actually sued them but am looking to in my upcoming game!

The Level Streaming feature makes it possible to load and unload map files into memory as well as toggle their visibility all during play. This makes it possible to have worlds broken up into smaller chunks so that only the relevant parts of the world are taking up resources and being rendered at any point. If done properly, this allows for the creation of very large, seamless levels that can make the player feel as if they are playing within a world that dwarfs them in size.

By default, there should be no load screens :slight_smile:

Awesome! I take my notes as I want to know how I will do the next step! When I will do it in action, I’ll report back here so others will know too of the outcome!

Beside level streaming you should also plan your map very carefully to get a good performance in large open world maps! :slight_smile:
-use hills to block the view of the player
-good LOD’s
-low poly meshes
-the new foliage features

Hello ,

How can I do those that you suggest? I am new to this… I know about hills and I will implement them.
Can you give me a tutorial (if there is any) to save performance?
How can I use good LOD? Low poly meshes? What is culling? I use your foliage kit, will it be ok?

LOD ->
low poly meshes -> in your 3d program you just have to make sure that you dont use too many tris. e.g with high to low poly normal map baking ?v=1NbIzNmpN14
culling -> the meshes will disappear when you are far away. You can cull your foliage and also other meshes (culling volumes)
foliage kit -> you can use it for whatever you like, but for a good game, I personally would create own ones (they will look better + you can fit them to your needs) :slight_smile:

Thanks mate!

Did you just ‘dis’ your own kit? :smiley:

Yep, it’s not so good for a real game -> better for prototyping (but I will surely update it at one point) :stuck_out_tongue:

Culling at runtime can be interpreted as depth of field?
Also, I saw the lod video on youtube and read lod wiki and I want to ask, I will have to do this with EVERY mesh I import to the game? Be it a rock, a tree, grass?

It’s not depth of field (dof can be done in your post process volume -> it will blur the screen
Yep, you will have to do the LOD part with every mesh, except of the ones which dont need a LOD channel (e.g a grass blade with just 6 tris) :slight_smile:

Maybe I can export them as a lod group, work them on 3d model as group and then import group again? Because it will take too much time for every little mesh I want to apply to do this procedure…

You can just do it for meshes of the same type -> e.g when you want to create 2 lod channels, then you first of all create the original mesh - in the same scene you also add the lod1 mesh and the lod2 mesh. Now you can group them + when you import them, it will import everything at once (but that’s just possible with 3ds /maya -> )

Perfect, thanks!

Sorry for bringing this up, but playing with the terrain more questions come up…
So, ok with the level streaming, but what if I want to merge 2 heightmaps together? Because I’ve made a heightmap using worldmachine and it’s a 2k resolution with 8km x 8km long. If I adjust it on world machine to 15km x 15 km I lose my boundary mountains (they are around the edges of the map) and I get an extra plain field… So there must be a way to merge 2 heightmaps together allowing for a larger map in total…

Any ideas on how should I go around this?

For anyone else who is going the same trouble as me, click here