Merging Lyra sample Project and Matrix City

Hi, Guys. So trying to migrate Matrix city from the sample city project to lyra project. So found two methods on google one is direct migration from the sample project to lyra But it fails due to low vram space and the second is copy-pasting content from matrix city to lyra but that breaks the project. I need help in how I can merge both projects with their functions

Uh oh You just want to copy all of the things ?
Mind that Matrix demo is also tech heavy - meaning that any code/dependancies that were developed there will have to be moved/handled not to break stuff. With code whole modules would have to be moved then + any plugins dependancies solved etc.
Lyra on the other hand would ba hard to move to Matrix, as Epic mentioned themselves that it wasn’t built in that way - you are better off probably trying to move Matrix demo to Lyra but as mentioned - plenty of migration issues. I’d suggest go elements wise - not whole project, but selected isolated elements to be moved as You so desire, will be easier to handle overall.

Content migration will give You general overview when moving stuff how folder wise content is linked - from there You can start debunking parts of it.

Hi there,
It seems that a partial solution was discussed in a previous thread:

Hope that helps.