Merging Different Animations Pack with additional bones

Hi, i am stuck in merging different animations to my BaseCharacter. I got an Animset where the Sword is animated with some Bones on top of the default rig. On that Bones i added some Socket and attached a Torch. If i set the default Mesh (before Playing in the BP) to the new Mesh which is associated with this Animation the bones will be animated correctly. Also when i switch the skeletal Mesh in Runtime all Skeletal Mesh works fine. But if i set the default mesh to Mannequin Character in the BP before Playing, the Torch is always positioning at zero.

Its seems like the animated bones are not initialized when i start with the mannequin. Is there something i am missing?

Maybe someone knows how can i fix that. On start all Animation bones should be activating or at least initialized. I got several Animationpacks with different bones added, and i have to enable all from one default Character, what is the best Practice for that?

Here is an Video showing whats the Problem.