Merging ALS with Gravity plug-in, Character rotation help!

[FONT=“Helvetica Neue”]Hi everyone, I’m trying to merge ALS:…/advanced-locomotion-system-v1[FONT=“Helvetica Neue”] with this gravity plug in:…/sl…/character-dynamic-gravity[FONT=“Helvetica Neue”] But as you can see the ALS screws up rotations quite a bit:[FONT=“Helvetica Neue”][FONT=“Helvetica Neue”][FONT=“Helvetica Neue”] At the moment I’m trying to figure out how to patch the rotation for the point gravity (is the more complicated) but I’m struggling a lot and having a really hard time, I think I must calculate the rotations based from the gravity center but I’ve tryed a lot and managed nothing:[FONT=“Helvetica Neue”] I am kinda desperate right now, I understand this might be more complicated than I thought, so I am willing to agree some form of payment to someone smart and kind enough to help me! The gravity plug in is C++ based and add a new character class with a modified character movement component, so it is only a matter of setting it as the parent class of the ALS base character. Accordingly to the creator of this Gravity plug in if the locomotion system is 100% BP it is possible to investigate the cause of the messed rotation and fix it. I think I found where is the problem (you can see in the videos) but I don’t know the formula to resolve it, I think I must calculate the rotations based on the center of the spherical object for the planetary gravity. So far no luck, but I think there MUST be a way to achieve this result.