Merging all Gameworks into one branch


i was wondering if we are able to merge two different branches into one build without conflicting files (FLEX + VXGI), and if not what to do?

It’s certainly possible, and was already done over at NVIDIA GameWorks Merged Branch by GalaxyMan - General Discussion - Unreal Engine Forums for 4.13.

I wouldn’t recommend dealing with all of the tech – you’re looking at a headache with every major engine update.

I have HBAO+ v3 (which is ages better than v2), Volumetric Lighting (working in tandem with trueSKY), and I’m working on PhysX GRB support all integrated into my engine fork and it’s kind of a hassle to keep it all updated. I’d recommend finding the tech you need and just stick to that. There’s no real reason to have an all-encompassing integration of all tech.