Merged Static Mesh breaks in spline

So I used the Marge Actors tool to make a new static mesh, however, when I apply this new mesh to a spline, it breaks. See below.

Normal SM

Merged SM

Well I always thought a spline just allows you to copy the mesh along a spline point that you define, so you can create your walls and other stuff you want the spline to copy, but I think it might be a little more complex than that, because it seems to be looking for axis points to follow rather than just copying the mesh so if the axis points are not there or are different on the mesh as to what the spline has been programmed to look for, it results usually in a stretched mesh or turns into a mess when trying to copy it along the spline. When I put in a pipe mesh, the spline had no problems. but soon as I tried to put in a 3d building the spline ran into trouble in trying to make copies of it and warped and bent and twisted the mesh as a result.

So i think the Spline only works with simple meshes and if you want it to work with other meshes that are more complex, you might have to modify the spline
code. I’m not sure.

But the only difference between this mesh and the other is I added a grass mesh on top of it…BUT you did give me an idea. Perhaps the issue is he pivot tool on unreal marketplace. I used it to change the pivot points for the sidewalk, road, and curb. Soooo…maybe the changing the pivots messed that up? I’ll remake the mesh and see if going Y instead of X changes that.