Merged Actor - transparent material not working

I’ve merged some individual assets to make a new Actor but when I load the merged Actor into the scene the glass material is not showing, despite being part of the merge and showing in the right hand panel. Any idea why just that material is not working? See attached image. The left hand asset is the pre-merged version and the right hand is the merged version.
I’m using UE5.1

Hi Spartanoid,

You’ll probably need to set your material to translucent. having entire meshes materials translucent is not recommended though as it’s slower than opaque rendering. Make sure you have these options set correctly:

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Hi, Many thanks for your reply. I did look at that but the opacity map and blend mode aren’t available in ‘Merge’, that section is greyed out. See attached image. If I change it to ‘Simple’ and tick Opacity Map and change Blend Mode to Transparent, the mesh gets over-simplified and the glass becomes white. ‘Batch’ only merges some of the meshes. I may have to get round it my merging it without the glass, then adding it after and then create a group. Appreciate your help though.

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