Merge UI from one project with locomotion system of another

Hi, im very noob, and I´m trying to create a VR archviz experience. I haven´t blueprints knowledge, so I´m trying to do it with the free assets that epic provided. But I don´t know how to get them and make them work into one single project. I would like to use the teleportation system of the VR template of UE 4.27 (I´d like to modify it, allowing me to walk AND teleport, but I will create another question for that), and the assets that came with the ArchViz Interactive UI and Tools that went free for the month last year. But I don´t know how to make it work. I can migrate the blueprints from VR template to the other project, but how do I make it work instead of the locomotion system that came with the other project?

In the ArchViz UI and Tools everything is driven in the SDot_CharacterV2. Look for the part that does the “mouse / target move” and replace it with the VR teleport from the VR template.

There is already a teleport section in the Ui and Tools so you might be able to use that. It’s not an easy task but doable.

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Thank you. I gave up with this, because I couldn´t do it and I think it was not that important. But I´m having another problem, and this I would need to be resolved. In the default pawn of the Archviz UI and Tools, SDot_CharacterV2, I´m having trouble with the camera. Basically, it works with 3DoF instead of 6DoF, so it causes motion sickness when using the VR. I tried enabling the “lock to hmd” option in the pawn´s camera, but it got worse. Now, the camera does move when I move my head, but it does it in another direction, so the motion sickness is terrible. Also, the camera is now on the floor, instead of being at my real height.

In the InfoMap under UIFeatures you can change the Display to either HTC Vive or Oculus. HTC Vive will put the camera on the floor and Oculus will put the camera Eye Height.

The way you look around isn’t driven in the UI. You have to look into the VR controls of your headset. You may have changed something in there. Motion sickness usually happens when the framerate is lower than required. Especially when turning your head.

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Sorry, I probably didn´t explain it well (im not a very good english speaker). The problem I mentioned with the camera happens only with the Archviz UI, if I use the VR pawn from the Unreal´s VR template, it works well. And the camera height works well in the Archviz UI, it only went to the floor when I enabled the lock to hmd option (it was a solution that I read in order to solve the problem with the motion tracking of the headset).

So what is your head set and to what is it set in the Display settings of the ArchViz UI? If it is set to Vive then the camera uses the origin of the HDM which is the floor for Vive. That is the only change the UI does regarding VR camera.

Set it to oculus. It doesn’t matter if you have an oculus or not.