Merge Two Animations into One?

Is there a plugin or a trick to merge two or more animations to a single animation?

I have a punching animation and floating on air animation. I’m trying to keep the punching hand animations (shoulder to hand/fingers) but keep the floating body/legs/torso as it is.

yup you can use blendspace blueprint for that.

You have to use montages with slots for this.

  • Create an AnimationMontage for punching
  • Create a new slot in the montage called something like “UpperBody” or something similar
  • Use the slot to blend specific bones (with the “LayeredBlendPerBone”-Node) in your animation blueprint

With the blend per bone node you can define, that only the parts of the montage are blend when the montage has this specific slot.

Something like this could help you: Layered blend per bone and multiple slots - UE4 AnswerHub