Merge Static Meshes created by a construction script

First off, Good job. 4.12 is amazing and the static mesh merge ability is incredible. We’re currently porting our game to consoles and one of our concerns was draw calls. The image attached takes 25 objects and combines it into one:


This isn’t just a big help with optimizations but also lets us easily create objects without ever having to leave the Unreal Engine.


What would be amazing is if we could create mesh combinations using construction scripts and then merge them into static meshes. This goes way beyond optimizations and would allow for the use of blueprints to create complicated meshes without ridiculous draw calls. Imagine using a construction script to populate a bookshelf and then combine all the book meshes for a single draw call. Take this idea with a grain of salt because I would love nothing more than to never leave the Engine for content creation.

Regardless, you all are doing a great job and I really appreciate all the hard work.

Thanks for the feedback! By the way, this particular example could probably be done with Static Mesh Instances for the same effect.