Merge question

I have a project file with a structure but the landscape is crappy. A friend created a landscape for me and I wan’t to bring that landscape into my project file to replace my crappy landscape. I tried merging the file sent to me into my existing project file but the existing project file is not seen in the list of merge options. Can someone explain, step-by-step, how to merge these two .umap files so I can ditch my old landscape.



Check here. It’s step by step

Yes, thats what I’m doing. The trouble is when I get there I do not see my existing project file to merge into.

Are you looking on the correct path? I have done it multiple times with no problem
Go manually and look if your project is really there from your desktop and then try again the same path from the unreal editor

I did, and I see the file where it belongs. Perhaps we talking about different things, not uncommon with me, project1.umap is existing and project5.umap is what I’m trying to merge into it. When I follow that process I merge into the .uproject folder but that only makes the project5.umap seen alongside project1.umap. I see no way to combine project5.umap with project1.umap.

So the migration succeeded as you got the project5.umap alongside project1.umap on your current project. I was thinking that you couldn’t migrate…
So the real question is that you want to merge those two terrains together? One alongside another? If that’s the case, then you’d better use one of these two as there is no way to merge them and placing them manually one alongside another will not work as intented. I had the same question in the past and I was recommended to do something else

Here is my thread

Actually, I want to remove the original landscape and replace it with the one in project5.

From Unreal Engine Documentation:
You can import a Landscape heightmap created previously in Unreal Editor or created through external tools. To read more about how to do this, please check out the Creating Custom Heightmaps and Layers document. Follow this link
So you import it as heightmap

I’ll give that a shot, thanks

No problem, I was just confused because you said you wanted to merge… You didn’t actually say from the start that you wanted to delete the landscape you have and add another one on it’s place, so the right word would be replace.