Merge Levels in Packaging

We have multiple sub-levels for different parts of a level so that artists and designers can work on the same level at the same time. We would like to merge these sub-levels into one level at packaging time.

Is there a way to do this?


Hi ,

To my knowledge, you cannot do this while packaging, you’ll want to merge all of these locally in the editor before packaging.

You can open your persistent level that loads all the sub-level. You can then select all the actors and move to the peristent level and delete the sub-levels. Then use save-as and give the map a new name. Then you can use this as your packaged level rather than the persistent with the sub-levels. This will not affect your other maps, since there is no reason to save them in that state when you move content out of them, and the editor will not specifically ask you to save these sub-levels.

I hope this helps,


Cheers, we were hoping to keep the sub levels separate so designers/artists could work on different parts of a level at the same time, while at the same time have a working world level select. Would be nice to have ‘sub’ sub-levels.

We’ve ended up just having to have a big list of sub-levels with a 'Level*_***" convention and load them in separately.


This has been a big issue for us as well. Any update on a solution to this problem?