Merge Geometry by Layer upon Import (Datasmith)

Question: Is there a way with datasmith or a way to alter datasmith with the goal of merging all objects that share a layer into one actor upon import. Additionally, this system would work when re-importing a datasmith file.

Context: I work in the architecture field. We often have thousands of objects in a design/model. This can take a toll on Ue4 and creates a high draw count. It would be much more efficient if there was a way to combine all objects that share a layer into one actor. (Example) Instead of having thousands on panels of glass imported into unreal, it would be better to combine them all into a single object.

I know that there is a merge actor function within the developer tools, however this is still manual process that would need to be repeated everytime your design changes and you update your datasmith file.

Workaround: My current workaround to this problem isnt great. I currently make a secondary model that mirrors my project. However in this model I mesh all objects and combine them by layer. Then I export as a datasmith file. This works just fine once I get it into UE4. However it is a time consuming step, and can make design changes difficult to manage. This is not a high speed/long term solution.

Any help or input would be great. Thanks peps!

Did you try Visual Dataprep for Datasmith yet?

I have to agree with Blitzkrieg-bob.

Visual Dataprep offers the possibility to package operations in a recipe and then use it for an automatic import and re-import. In addition, there are the Dataprep Geometry Operations, which might also be interesting - as well as the possibility to create your own operations via Blueprints.

Thanks Blitzkrieg-bob and Pantoth. I am still within my first few months of Ue4 and was not aware of this tool. Looking into it now. Seems promising. Will get back with results later.

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