Merge each actor descendent in DataPrep: BP loop


I am Revit user and I am trying to learn to use DataPrep to import architectural models and make them UE-friendly. I attach working files below.

My goal is to make a BP loop that merges the first Actor’s children to the parent, then the second, the third. Here is a schema.

Here the two curtain-wall are made of 196 components but they are children of only two actors. Yes I could select the actor label and merge it one by one. But in the real project I have over 150 curtain-walls… that’s why I could love to create Custom Dataprep Block (BP) that loop through each actor and merge children. I started this:

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

[Working files][3]

hello id like to know if you solved this problem ?

No, not yet.

Using Blender to merge meshes before exporting it via the IFC add-on ( Then I use DataPrep to add materials and to do easier stuff I know DataPrep can do easily. I think DP will evolve significantly in UE5.

Hello, I would like to know if you have resolved this issue? I encountered the same problem