Merge Components into single component

Hi All,

i am trying to merge 52testcomponents and 53testcomponents into single component. But it represent two components (component0 and component1) of same values for images count as shown in fig below.

I want one merge component comprising images and tie points of 52testcomponents and 53testcomponents both.

Let me know how to get rid of this issues



If the components does not merge, probably you are missing images in the overlapped areas. 
You can try to add control points to each of the components and try to align them again. 
It may help as well to change alignment settings. In advanced - Merge components only to - True and Force component rematch - to True. (remember to reset this settings when you start new project) 

Hi Rafa,

1.  I have a large scale project comprising of 36000 images, i cannot process these images at once for alignment, as it goes out of system ram (256 GB, 76 cores). So i have divided my area into 8 sub projects(4500 images) having the overlapping region images and process them for alignment. When i open a new project and import these 8 sub project components for merging, it took  2 days to complete the merging process. But i cant see the merged component output.

Let me know how to solve this issue.

 *For the above testing models,yes by providing overlapping images, it generated a complete component.

2.  I ran a model of 13000 images to get normal model, it didnt generated components as shown in the figure.



3.  Is there any way to merged the point cloud and meshes in Reality Capture.



  1. Please can you post screenshot of console ? No component was created? What settings did you use ? 

  2. What settings did you use, how many features on images was detected ? 

  3. Yes ordered point clouds from terrestrial laser scanners are supported. Data have to be in  PTX or E57 file format.