Merge actors tool generated a mesh that will not open and freeze unreal

Last night it took a few hours but merge actors generated a mesh for me and i placed it in the scene… saved up… and opened the project on another computer. That computer will not only freeze when trying to open that map… it will also freeze if i try to open up the mesh only… or even when i rightclick the mesh to export to a 3d package… cant do it… frozen program…

Any ideas why?

Hmm, pretty strange. Was it a high poly mesh + which UE4 version do you use? :slight_smile:

4.9.2, and yes… was a big chunk of my map so i can do some testing for streaming levels… and simplygon outside of unreal…

Though i have done a million poly model before with no problems. That was the city from infiltrator at that time and it works fine.

Maybe something got corrupt… thats the only reason why i would think a model would work on 1 computer and not on another… I have to double check on the original comp… because obviously the model and textures were generated and i dragged it around my scene when i first created it on the original computer.

Probably editor was building static mesh or texture data (populating DDC). This usually happens once when you open a new asset on the machine and causes freeze depending on asset size. Give it a little time. Editor should write to the “Output Log” something like ‘Building static mesh - MyStaticMeshName’

Shouldnt take over an hour to open a static mesh… i dont care how many polys it is :confused:

Im leaning toward it was probably corrupted somehow… i havent tested on the original computer yet.