Merge Actors tool, add a Cancel option.

I’m doing the BUILDING BETTER PIPELINES IN UNREAL ENGINE 4 class in UE Academy. During the CURRENT UNIT: 9.0: LOD’S & MERGING STATIC MESHES lesson, I decided to use higher values of 2048 for the texture and lightmap resolutions in the Merge Actors tool. Didn’t seem too crazy for me.

And then the editor froze for the next 10 minutes. At first, I could still bring it up to take a look. Says 100% and that’s it, even though it’s obviously not done, not even remotely. A few minutes later and it’s just frozen. No crash, but no option to cancel. No option to see how far the process has actually gone and how much is left. Should I wait an hour… or kill the program… Not friendly.

A Cancel option would be a big help, just for starters.