Merge Actors problem

I am using the merge actor tool on a modular pack i purchased and the result makes all the peices scaled and look different from the original setup. Whats wrong here?

I am trying to reduce draw calls from modular peices with the merge actor tool.

Edit: It may be a bug, this tool has some problems with instantiated components. I’ve posted repro steps and reported the bugs on AnswerHub - more info in my next posts.

I did some digging and it looks like Instantiated Static Mesh Components have problem with Merge Actors tool. Repro:
Create this BP:

Place it in scene, select and try to ‘merge’ it - it will retain only one instance and ignore its Scale.
Hope there is some workaround or a fix coming…

I think you should post this as a bug on Answerhub. Definitely looks like a bug

I will post it now, together with another another bug that I’ve just discovered: It doesn’t take Child Actor Components into account.

  1. Create a BP with Child Actor Component (via “Add Component” panel or “Add Child Actor Component” node in Construction Script)
  2. If this Child Actor Component contains any meshes, they will disappear after using “Merge Actors”

I will attach AnswerHub bug report link here when I’m done.


@Slavq don’t looks like the problem of @kurylo3d are the instanced meshes is but like a scale problem at merge.

Yes, the bug also ignores scale after merging. So when you set it to e.g. 1.5, it will revert all meshes to 1.0 scale after merging.
Of course I’m not sure if this is the exact cause of @kurylo3d problem, but it might be.