Merge Actors for Procedural Mesh

Merge Actors doesn’t work with Procedural Meshes. Fixing this would be really useful for procedurally created assets that, for example, are a mix of Procedural Mesh Component & Spline Mesh Components.
Here is another post from AH: [Feature Request] Batch conversion of procedural meshes to static meshes - UE4 AnswerHub

Here is the solution Slavq: Procedural mesh not saving all of its sections to static mesh - UE4 AnswerHub

Thanks, but it is about procedural mesh not saving all sections, kind of different issue - the feature request on this topic is about including Procedural Meshes in the Merge Actors tool, to be able to merge it to static mesh along with other components like Static Mesh Components or Spline Mesh Components. Right now Procedural Mesh Component is ignored in the merging process.