Merge Actor Collision Errors

Has anyone noticed that Merge Actors is still buggy? I began to use it (first testing) then feeling more confident began merging actors in my scene, and watching my game play speedup.

The problem I realized after I used this a bit too much, was that my colliders vanished for merged groups. This happens in two ways, first when I edit the merged actor, it may still show the combined merged colliders looking intact, however in game play (or simulated) the colliders do not actually exist (use control-c to show them).

Editing all the merged models, I see that most of them don’t even show the combined colliders in the the editor, (again sometimes I do see them but they still don’t work).

I don’t see anyone talking about this. This is such a great way to speed up the engine, but of course it needs to work properly.

Anyone have thoughts on this?

actually it’s alt-c to show the colliders. my bad.

Is no one else using this? It has to be the MVP of making your game far more efficient, you know, if the collisions were working that is. I’m going to do more testing on this and see if i can find where it breaks, but again still NOT working. How can we get this on a fix list?

sonofa… okay my bad. Unless you consider that maybe keeping collisions should be a given. The Merge Physics Data IS the collision data. I’m still not clear why some of my models show the collisions but still don’t work. I’ve tried pushing this with lots of merged things and by spreading out the merged things and haven’t been able to get it to break today.

but i’m keeping an eye on you merge data, and maybe from now on will not autoselect REPLACE SOURCE ACTORS…

so to be clear, Merge Physics Data is NOT
checked as a default. I think it should be, because why would you build things and not want the colliders?