Mercurial Source Control Provider Plugin

Installation Instructions](GitHub - enlight/ue4-hg-plugin: Basic Mercurial source control plugin for Unreal Engine 4)
Latest Release: v0.1: Stable is for horses

The plugin now has enough features implemented to be useful, so it’s time to let it out into the world and let the early adopters find all the bugs I haven’t run into yet. Save often! The plugin currently allows for the adding, deleting, reverting, and committing of assets in the Unreal Editor. It also provides access to asset history and supports visual diffing of Blueprints (and whatever else you can diff in the Unreal Editor). Attempting to use the plugin from a commandlet or unattended may or may not work, to be honest I don’t entirely understand what those two terms refer to yet, so… you’ve been warned.

Note that the plugin only deals with local clones of repositories, it doesn’t pull or push anything, ever. It’s also completely ignorant of branches, and provides no way to clone or initialize repositories. If you need to do any of that use your favorite Mercurial client alongside the plugin.

Another thing to note is that the Largefiles extension is not currently supported, as in no option is passed to hg add to indicate that a file should be treated as a “large file”. In theory you can still use the extension provided you add your big files via your Mercurial client.

Was considering starting to work on this, thanks a lot.

I’ll be updating it for the 4.1 release this weekend.

I prefer mercurial so thanks for this plugin. But I use a Solid state drive for windows and a regular hard drive for program storage. When I first started using unreal I had to make a jump folder so it would send to my D:\ instead of C: Documents\Unreal Projects\ . Well this plugin is not able to figure out how to redirect there. it says “SourceControl:Error: Error abort: no repository found in ‘C:\Users\CJ\Documents\Unreal Projects\TutorialCpp\Content’ (.hg not found)!” Is there a way to redirect Unreal 4 to install projects into a specified folder now instead of Documents\Unreal Projects\ ? If not how can I get this plugin working. I absolutely cannot put all these projects on my C:\ .

I recently fixed an issue where the plugin didn’t work if the project and engine directories were located on separate drives, so if you build the plugin from source you’ll have that fix. I’ll be putting out another release once UE 4.3 is out. However, I’m not sure that’s the issue you’re seeing, have you initialized a new hg repository in the Content folder of your project? The plugin doesn’t create new hg repositories for you.