Mercenary Chronicles - First person shooter for Android


Mercenary Chronicles is a first person shooter for Andriod with some RPG elements, such as inventory, dialogues and items.

Development plan:

I’m planning to add a story mode consisting of four episodes.
At first, it will be only main missions of the episodes, such as fights against bosses. After that, I will add side quests.


Story takes place in alternative future. Humans were able to defend Earth against alien invasion by sabotaging their gigantic spaceship. Ship’s explosion changed Earth climate conditions, so humans left Earth and now living in space stations in orbit. Main character - a mercenary, an ex-military, who wants to take action against any threat by remaining aliens.


  1. Exploration of a drifting part of alien ship, finding cloning technology.
  2. Defending against uncontrolled clones on BRI corporation space station, sending a distress call to military.
  3. Sabotaging clone creation facilities on BRI space station.
  4. Fight against BRI executive officer, a secret agent of aliens, who sabotaged clones creation research, on BRI corporation spaceship.


**Game download link: **



Added prototype of the first episode.


The prototype of the last mission of the second episode was added.


The prototype of the last mission of the third episode was added.


The prototype of the last mission of the fourth episode was added.


Intro prototype was added.


Second episode intro prototype was added.


Second episode missions were added.


Third Episode beginning was added.


I decided to release this game in its current state and switch to other project.

Thank you for your interest!