Menus go dark only within Unreal Engine?

Not sure if you’ve experienced this but i’m somewhat new to Unreal Engine 4, i’ve got experience from CryEngine & Blender, but UE4 is fun. After installing 4.27 + getting an upgrade in graphics (from a GTX 1070 to a RTX 3060Ti) i see my panels going black and this was after an update from windows. Not sure if it’s the graphics itself or it’s the windows update. I’ve known windows update to ruin things before they could get information from crashes to fix the problem (incremental updates etc). Any idea why the screens or sub panels go dark?

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Might be a graphics card driver issue.
I suggest downloading the latest driver for your graphics card, and toggling the option “clean install”.
There might be some leftovers from your old card driver setup that is interfering with the new one.

I haven’t tried that yet but thank you for the suggestion. i will do that.