Guys can anyone recommend a good tutorial on creating a menu that appears when the player gets to a point in the map?

Take a look at this video: + instead of the “event begin play” you have to add another event (e.g a trigger + a on overlap event) :slight_smile:

Thanks for that I’ll give it a shot tomorrow and hopefully get back with some good news.

OK I’m having a couple of issues that I need your help to resolve:

  1. How do I get the game (the player view) to pause when the menu pops up.

  2. How do I get each menu option to function on a single click, currently you have to click twice

  3. After the player has made a selection and the menu disappears, the game pauses until the player clicks in the game, how do I get the game to resume straight after the menu diappears.

Please help guys, I’ve included a snapshot for you to have a look at:


The level blue print is as follows:

  1. take a look at this video: :slight_smile:
  2. does the same happen when you test it in a standalone game?

Thanks for that fighter I’ve resolved the first problem.

But I’ve still got an issue in that each menu option has to be pressed twice, how do I change this to once?

And lastly when the player has made a choice from the menu how do I get it to resume playing without having to click in the game world?

I greatly appreciate all your kind help.

Mmmmm I’ve noticed the double click thing too, having googled it seems we’re not alone, can anyone suggest a fix?

This just gets weirder if you go in:
Project settings >> Engine >> Input

under “mouse properties” >> select “use mouse for touch”

The double click thing is remedied but now you when you press the mouse button it causes the player character to jump!?

Guys whats going on!? can someone please help with this, because I’m losing hair on this!

No my mistake, that just switches off the mouse completely in game!!!

After reverting back to how it was by unchecking “use mouse for touch” and giving each of the “print string functions” their own “remove from parent”, “SET” and “Get player controller” functions, now the double click thing only occurs in the first instance when the menu first pops up after that it seems to work on single click.

After amending to the following, although this get single clicking working after you’ve selected an option the game freezes.


Guys what’s going on, What am I doing wrong!?

I fixed it in my menu thing, but not exactly sure how, I think you need to make sure the input mode and focus are set right and not double set. FWIW even when I run the example shooter game that epic put out, you need to double click their menus.

the issue with mine is that it works on single click if you use that setup pictured above, but once youve selected something from the menu the game pauses, any ideas?

I’ve gone back to this version that now again needs to be clicked twice,aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaagh!!! how do I get around this???


Someones got to know

I’ve changed this to:


The single click problem is resolved, but now the mouse doesn’t control where the player character looks as it did before you select an option from the menu.

I trhink something needs to drive the “set input mode game only” function, but what?

please help!!!

I’ve seen that blueprint somewhere else and have tried it, it didn’t work for me!

I think the menu system doesn’t work properly in ue4 tbh.