Menu with contect from database

Hi guys, im very new in unreal engine and im working on a demo and have a lot of questions.
I need to make a scene with interactives objects, so when you click an object this action open a menu with content, this content its a metadata.
The metadata come from a database so you can open the application one time and the database will be actualizating the metadata of the objects.

1.- How i can connect a database with a menu?
2.- How i can open a menu from a interactive object with a click?

im searching a lot of tutorials, its hard :stuck_out_tongue:

For a beginner, I do NOT suggest that you go looking for a way to do this until you have more experience with other things, UE4 is a low-level engine and something like this is not for beginners. It’s best if you just try some simple things with blueprints, and as you know more about blueprints, it will become easier to do something like this, as a beginner, I’d imaging it might even be a little hard to understand the tutorials until you familiarize yourself with UE4.

You could also just use a datatable for what you are asking. A database table in the simplest terms is a glorified spreadsheet with relations to other spreadsheets to form a bigger spreadsheet when queried together

Thanxs for your replies.
I need only:
1.- Build the scene (DONE)
2.- Make objects interactives (wip)
3.- Display menus when you click these objects
4.- Know the way to connect these menus with a database
…For now

Other guy will make the database (an engineer)
last year we did it in Unity (works fine) but we now want to try with unreal engine.

I use Stefander’s JSON Query plugin for my project.
It allows you to send JSON queries and get results back from your API, your API will be connected with your database, but I’m sure your database guy knows this. :slight_smile:

Yeah I’m confused what you mean by database. A database hosted on a web server? That would require an API on the server side to communicate to UE4 via rest (easiest)

Thanks guys.
Yep a database hosted on a web server its like you have equips in a industrial plant and you need to know when the equip its working or not and some other information
But the guy knows what to do :stuck_out_tongue: My problem into unreal engine its a lot basic i think.

QuantumRSN thanks a lot i will try it.

Someone know where are “content examples” ???

Content Examples Library can be found in the Learning Section of the launcher