[MENU] [WIP] Menu inspired by AC4 and Windows's Metro

Menu on UE4, inspired by AC4 and Windows’s Metro. All made with Blueprints and c++ functions exposed to BP.

Still need some bugfix, soon on Sellfy and Marketplace. I’m thinking $20.

*Need to check with Epic about using the Kite images.

Latest video:

That just looks just amazing.

What’s the song?

It’s from Epic’s Realistic Rendering project.

Excellent work. Well done.

Well done.

Is this all UMG? Is it controller-friendly? E.g., can everything be navigated with D-pad/stick and buttons?

Also, how hackable are the UI elements? For example, is it relatively easy to change the size of the right/left adjustment arrows, just by replacing the images, or changing the dimensions in blueprint/UMG editor?

Really well done, though, will buy!

Great thing for the marketplace. I will be picking this up for sure and integrating it into my own menus. This will save me from learning/doing all the technical work involved in changing and saving video modes etc. stuff. /clap

If this is gamepad ready will def buy

^^ what this guy said. If it is gamepad ready, I am ready!

Please put this on the market ASAP

Working on the gamepad navigation here’s a update:

Woah! that looks but once again, no Key bindings.

Is there a reason great menu systems like this lack key bindings?

My only reason is that I don’t know enough c++ to do it, but I’m trying to.

Here’s a little of the navigation system for keyboard/gamepad:

Pretty high standard here. Thats how i like it!

you could try to implement in Rama’s UMG system. You would just need permistion from her/him.
Link: [Full Project] Rama's UMG Rebindable Key System, Rebind keys at Runtime! - Community Content, Tools and Tutorials - Unreal Engine Forums!

I’m using this one as a base: