Menu widget gamepad help please

Hi all,

So basically I followed this tutorial online allowing me to use my controller to navigate my menu. My menu has been designed with two boxes. one holds the main options like career, quick race etc, this box can be used with my controller no problem at all. the other box contains the levels of my game which you can select. this is accessed through quick race. When pressing on quick race the options appear for each level like it should. But my controller wont work. I have the blueprint link down below if you can take a look. the controller or options don’t work if i have my buttons linked with the rest of them like career and such in their array which is why the levels are on a separate array. Is there any way you can help me figure out or tell me how i can use my sub menu with controller as menu. like how link them together, so when i load up the Quickrace menu it loads up the array and i can use my controller.
The guy btw on the tutorial messaged me back after I asked this question on YouTube and said that i need to pass control onto that box but I don’t know how too but he said it was the same process even though I don’t have two separate widgets i have only the one holding the information for the menu and event ticks and constructs don’t split two ways. Any help would be appreciated