Menu that change levels

Hi, i’m new in unreal and i would like to know how to create a menu where every button it takes to a different level. Any idea of how can i make it??

Thank you!!!:slight_smile:

create a widget which contains the buttons, then select each button and in the details panel click the green button which says event on clicked, this will create a event in the event graph which will be executed when the button is clicked. next drag off the events exe pin (white one) and search for open level. just fill in the needed information, basically the level name of the level you want to open. repeat the process with the button script for all your buttons. note this could also be done using a button widget which is duplicated but thats a little more advanced.

once the widget is created all you need to do is have a script which creates the widget, adds it to the player viewport, and enables the player to interact with it (show mouse cursor & set input mode ui)

its pretty simple so you shouldnt have much trouble.

Thanks!!! :slight_smile: