Menu selection to spawn items

Trying to get a system where you press a key and a window opens up with the mouse cursor… hats shirts pants are presented as options, the player clicks on shirts and a new window appears with colors red blue green…. Then the player selects one and it spawns into the world. Whats the best way to go about this?

ok so best thing is to make a parent widget that opens with your key, simply if you want to use it again and again, create it at begin play and set visibility to collapsed, on key press set it to be visible and use widget switcher with your remaining widgets on each selection it moves to next or specific index. on last selection change or spawn it with all on your character, so for character to wear those, you will need to create a data structure with shirts, pants and hats etc on each selection you will pass index of that data structure array to wear on character, this system will be dynamic, next time you have to add more clothes then just go to your array and add those with category specification, all is done.